Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus

Welcome to the WHIP+ Information site! Wyoming Sugar is very excited to keep our growers up-to-date as we distribute relief funds to 2019 crop recipients. Within this site you will find access to forms, communications from the CEO and contact information for any questions related to the WHIP+ program. 

WHIP+ Distribution
Distribution Percent Complete 100%
WHIP+ Applications
Applications Received Back in Office 100%

WHIP + procedure letter – March 26, 2020

Text Announcement – March 25, 2020

WSC: Members,

Tomorrow by close of business we will post a detailed letter on the WSC website setting forth the process for distribution of the WHIP + relief funds. That letter will be mailed tomorrow as well. A truncated outline of the process is as follows:

Friday we will mail packets to the Members. The packets will contain a breakdown of the payment you will receive, an application, a crop insurance release for the FSA and your agent, and if applicable 2019 “share use agreements.” Beth is going to use an online service (Calendly) to calendar individual appointments. The link for that service will be on the WSC website and contained in a text that will be sent Friday. We hope to be able to do most of the appointments by phone. The appointments will be to answer questions and review the  paperwork to expedite its return to the Company. Appointments will begin on April 1st.  In general terms you will receive $6.50 per net screened ton delivered and $75 per acre planted in 2019.

Primary Contact:

Bethany Stiver
PH:  (307)347-3261  ext. 102